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Key past publications



Article: “Centromere specifying nucleosomes persists in aging mammalian oocytes in the absence of their    nascent assembly.”

Arunika Das, Katelyn G. Boese, Sung Hee Baek, Kikue Tachibana, Michael A. Lampson, Ben E. Black, Current Biology, 2023

Invited mini-review: “Novel insights into reproductive ageing and menopause from genomics”

Arunika Das*, Aspasia Destouni*, Human Reproduction, 2022. *= Co-corresponding author


Article: “Epigenetic, genetic and maternal effects enable stable centromere inheritance”

Arunika Das, Aiko Iwata-Otsubo, Jennine M. Dawicki McKenna, Aspasia Destouni, Katelyn G. Boese, Ben E. Black, Michael A. Lampson, Nature Cell Biology, 2022


Article: “Equalizing epigenetically imprinted centromeres in early mammalian embryos”

Gabriel Manske, Kelsey Jorgensen, Binbin Ma, Mansour Aboelenain, Catherine Tower, Saikat Chakraborty, Rajesh Ranjan, Arunika Das, Michael A Lampson, Ben E Black, Karen Schindler, Xin Chen, Saher Sue Hammoud, bioRxiv, 2022


Article: “Multiple pools of PP2A regulate spindle assembly, kinetochore attachments and cohesion in Drosophila oocytes”

Janet K. Jang, Amy C. Gladstein, Arunika Das, J.G. Shapiro, Zachary L. Sysco, Kim S. McKim, Journal of Cell Science, 2021.


Book Chapter: “Maternal inheritance of centromeres through the germline”

Arunika Das, Ben E. Black and Michael A. Lampson, Current Topics In Developmental Biology,2020

Article: “Sister centromere fusion during meiosis I depends on maintaining cohesins and destabilizing microtubule attachments”

Lin-Ing Wang, Arunika Das, Kim S. McKim, PLoS Genetics, 2019


Comment: “Keeping Parents Apart.”

Arunika Das, Michael A. Lampson. Dev Cell. August 2018


Article: “Kinesin 6 Regulation in Drosophila Female Meiosis by the Non-conserved N- and C- Terminal Domains.”

Arunika Das, Jeffry Cesario, Anna-Maria Hinman, Janet K. Jang, Kim S. McKim. G3 May 2018


Article: “Capturing Chaotic Chromosomes: Pairing in Action.”

Micka C. Bertucci*, Arunika Das*, Harriet C. Fitzgerald*, Daniel E. Goszczynski*, Molecular Reproduction and Development, September 2017. *= Authors have contributed equally


Review: “Centromere inheritance through the germline”

Arunika Das, Evan M. Smoak, Ricardo Linares-Saldana, Ben E. Black, Michael A. Lampson,

Chromosoma, October 2017


Article: “Spindle Assembly and Chromosome Segregation Requires Central Spindle Proteins in Drosophila Oocytes”

Arunika Das, Shital J. Shah, Bensen Fan, Daniel Paik, Daniel J. DiSanto, Anna Maria Hinman, Jeffry

M. Cesario, Rachel A. Battaglia, Nicole Demos, Kim S. McKim, Genetics, January 2016.

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